Elicko Taieb


When you talk about serial entrepreneurs, you must consider the role Elicko Taieb has played in the real estate market of South Florida. With an ever-increasing passion for serial entrepreneurship, Eli’s jump into the real estate market was somehow inevitable, seeing how the industry was booming during the early 2000s. On the other hand, building companies from the ground up is his unique talent. The man is equipped with immense business prowess that helps him encounter hurdles and take his businesses to greater heights.

Since Eli set out to bring money from different industries, he soon saw the growth potential in the real estate market of South Florida. However, this trending potential wasn’t directly dealing in properties or investing in them. Rather, he had a marvelous idea that turned out to be a great success. Let’s find out what Eli was up to.

Elicko Taieb’s Pest Control Business

Mastering the trends of the real estate market isn’t easy, especially in the US, with the growing population. However, Eli didn’t feel much troubled with the booming real estate market. He saw that the industry down in South Florida needed something in particular. With his ambitions outlined, Eli Taieb soon found a pest control business. Surprisingly, Eli’s hunch that the property owners and real estate agents required pest control services for residences such as condos was right. So, using his distinctive ability to see potential in the right company, he invested only $7,000.

This was because the existing pest control company couldn’t compete with the small number of competitors. However, Eli Taieb wasn’t a newbie and knew what he was doing. Using the existing company’s structure and adding more detail, he grew the business from the ground up. Soon, the business was a multi-million dollar success. He was helping out property owners and homeowners by providing pest control services at amazingly cheap rates. Within a short time, his company had nearly 16 trucks offering pest control services at extremely affordable rates.

Elicko Taieb’s Home Inspection Company

You must wonder how much effort and work it took to turn a $7000-business into a multi-million business venture. The reality is that Elicko Taieb is highly skilled and knows how to beat the competition with a few tactics. Through proper marketing and skillful branding, he started another real estate-associated business that provided home inspection services.

The realtors down in South Florida were happy to receive home inspections services. Since a home inspection is almost a vital part of the property buying/selling process, Eli exploited the untapped market. He got the idea through his business intelligence and built the company from scratch.

This venture began in 2002, which was still the start of his entrepreneurial career. Through a little bit of luck and firm dedication, the home inspection business also became a massive success. As Elicko believes, his online and print advertising prowess helped him make the most of his business.


Eli Taieb has been involved in several business ventures. He has worked in many industries, including CBD, food service, e-cigarettes, and vaporizers. He still looks forward to having successful ventures under his name. However, he also helps new entrepreneurs trying hard to make a name for themselves.

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