Elicko Taieb


A serial entrepreneur can spend their lifetime managing a vast range of businesses in multiple industries and still fail to make sizeable profits and achieve noticeable success. You have to make strategies and invest in the right ventures according to your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, those serial entrepreneurs who fail to acknowledge this fact end up with losses rather than profits. However, Elicko Taieb is different than other serial entrepreneurs who imagine turning their dream into a reality. He has been successful in turning many small investments into his lifetime achievements.

He has dedicated a large portion of his time and efforts to building a serial entrepreneurship career that others dream about. By honing his business skills over two decades, he has become one of the successful serial entrepreneurs in the world. The achievements of Elicko Taieb include one of his most profitable and successful ventures in South Florida.

Elicko Taieb’s Pest Control Services

Do you know that the real estate market of South Florida is among one of the most booming markets of the US? Elicko Taieb started his pest control services for this industry sector nearly 20 years ago. This was when the South Florida real estate market was in the initial phase of success. Eli quickly realized the chance to exploit investment opportunities in the pest control services market.

He found a pest control company in South Florida. It was his eye for detail and clear vision that helped him decide on this valuable investment. There was a growing demand for pest control services in the apartments and condo complexes in South Florida. Therefore, Eli Taieb had the idea of turning his small-scale business into a multi-million venture offering affordable services. Although he initially invested $7,000 in the company, he quickly turned the small company into a successful venture through his business prowess.

Elicko Taieb – How Did He Assist the Realtors of South Florida?

Moreover, when discussing the successful ventures of Elicko Taieb in South Florida, it is worth mentioning the home inspection services. The prime objective of this venture was to gain massive profits from the realtor market in the region. Realtors and homeowners were on the lookout for home inspection services at affordable rates. After spending some time, Eli Taieb built an idea for a new venture and started from scratch. He spent a considerable amount of time turning his home inspection business around. After valuable efforts, Eli made his business operation with a record of over 200 inspections every month throughout nine months.


Elicko Taieb has been establishing profitable and successful ventures in the modern business world for quite some time now. He has owned businesses and projects across a variety of industries, including real estate, food, CBD, fitness, and other industries.

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