Elicko Taieb stands among a handful of serial entrepreneurs around the world who have accomplished massive success in a number of industries. He has operated in various businesses ranging from food, fitness, real estate, pest control, and many other industries. He never ceases to amaze younger entrepreneurs with ambitions of great success in the modern business world. Eli invested a massive fortune in the business world around him and kept exploring the boundaries of serial entrepreneurship.

It’s safe to say that Elicko Taieb started with a passion and ended up becoming one of the most generous seed investors and influential serial entrepreneurs in the US. Some of his main ventures that sprung up during the initial years of his entrepreneurial career were in South Florida’s real estate industry. Let’s take a look at how Elicko Taieb helped the real estate industry in South Florida.

Eli Taieb Offering Pest Control Services in South Florida

Most South Florida homeowners were concerned about the safety and condition of their properties. The main concern around major areas was pest control as several premium companies charge exorbitant costs for cheap-quality services while cheaper-rated services weren’t any good either. On the other hand, Eli Taieb found this as a great investment opportunity.

In 2000, he invested in a startup company that was almost declining to scraps. He began working on an idea and used the existing company’s name and structure to improve their pest control services. He purchased the company for only $7,000, and it soon turned out to be a business venture worth millions of dollars, as he states.

Within a short time, he was operating over 16 trucks with pest control services at $0.99 per month for one unit. He was assisting condos, complexes, and other types of houses. Since his rates were cheaper, some may think that he was leading losses in the South Florida real estate industry. But as it turned out, the massive demand led to him securing sizeable profits.

Elicko Taieb and Home Inspection for Realtors

Eli Taieb didn’t stop with the pest control business in the real estate industry in South Florida. He quickly turned his attention away from this multi-million dollar venture and towards another rising concern that provided additional profit potential. People living in condos and complexes in South Florida required home inspection services. However, the major appeal for home inspection services came from South Florida realtors.

In 2002, he invested in another idea to provide home inspection services to realtors and homeowners in South Florida. The idea began from scratch and turned out to be another multi-million dollar venture in Elicko Taieb’s portfolio. 

In simple words, Elicko Taieb was not ahead of other entrepreneurs because he was making more money. Instead, he’s one of the best because he has a clear eye for detail that he used to observe rising profit-maximizing opportunities. His home inspection business was conducted over 200 inspections per month – all within a short time of 9 months.


Elicko Taieb’s success was fueled by his knowledge and expertise in the branding department. He was a great marketing professional with tons of ideas for branding his businesses and advertising through various media and platforms effectively. Conclusively, he invested in different industries, including e-cig, vaporizers, food, and CBD.

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