You may think being an entrepreneur is easy, and all it requires is an amazing idea and the dedication to make things happen. However, this is not always the case, especially when you consider the endless possibilities and the hurdles that new startups face every day. The competition is tough, and it takes more than an idea to take your business to the top.

However, there are entrepreneurs who have excelled beyond the standard achievements to overcome the problems and hurdles in their respective industries. Talking about real estate, it is one of the most competitive industries, and you need to build your brand to stand out in the market.

Elicko Taieb is a renowned serial entrepreneur who has built businesses in various industries. He tracks the market trends and responds accordingly. Let’s take a brief look at how he was able to overcome the difficulties and help the real estate industry.

Challenges of Real Estate Entrepreneurship


With the growing population, real estate demands are not only increasing but also seeing a rapid evolution. The new trends will have a significant impact on the way the real estate industry operates.

Further, it is not only the growing population but also the rising incomes and job opportunities that are contributing to the real estate markets. As the consumers’ spending increases, there is more and more demand for better public and private areas.

As a serial entrepreneur, you need to pursue the right avenues to meet the demands of your industry. It is only valuable to achieve the desired results, as long as the growing industry is satisfied and rewards you for your effort. Eli Taieb did the same and used his determination and business prowess to become a successful serial investor.

About Elicko Taieb

Elicko Taieb is one of the top branding experts due to his effortless style, passion for achievement, and the way he is able to adapt to the changing industrial environments.

What’s interesting is, he has been involved in a large array of businesses across several industries. Moreover, it helped him gain impeccable experience and expertise side-by-side. But what factors helped Elicko to make his efforts and ideas successful?

It was his ability to track trends, observe the details, business prowess, and create profitable businesses from scratch that helped him made his mark. Eli Taieb is capable of empowering others around him as well as responding to the changing needs and demands.

Let’s learn briefly about a few of his successful projects and businesses in real estate.

Pest Control for Real Estate


In 2000, Elicko Taieb assisted a large number of condo complexes in South Florida with pest control, a major concern for apartments and condos. With his expertise and dedication, he successfully turned what was merely a $7,000 USD investment into a multi-million dollar business operation, providing pest control services to condos.

Home Inspections for Realtors

That’s not all – Eli Taieb started another real estate business and built a home inspection company in 2002. Working with the local realtors, he offered home inspections for new listings in South Florida. What’s more, leveraging his branding skills, Elicko grew his business into one of the best home inspection networks in Florida in less than a year.


Additionally, Eli Taieb knows how to utilize his skills and resources smartly. It all comes down to Eli’s ability to effectively brand his companies using print and online advertising, which range from CBD to E-Cigarettes, food services, real estate, etc.

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