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The prime goal of a serial entrepreneur is to reach the heights of success in every  industry they enter. While this may sound achievable, for most entrepreneurs, it isn’t possible even after years of experience and time. Some prestigious serial entrepreneurs like Elicko Taieb were able to benefit from the restrictions and limitations of the entrepreneurial world. 

He is a renowned business figure who achieved heights of success in multiple industries simultaneously. When you look at Eli’s business history and list of achievements, it will amaze you to learn about his ventures.

From real estate and pest control to CBD and electronic cigarettes, this man has many years of experience throughout various industries. The list doesn’t end there because there are many more industries that Eli Taieb entered. However, let’s take a look at some of his initial business ventures in the industry. 

Elicko Taieb and Pest Control for Real Estate

Real estate in South Florida was growing steadily with massive upward surges in prices and development rates. Therefore, Elicko Taieb took a quick note of the situation. He assessed if there were any profit-maximizing opportunities in the industry down in South Florida. To his surprise, there was a high demand for pest control services among condo complexes and large apartments in Florida. The real estate market was thriving, and people were acquiring real estate at a consistent rate.

Therefore, the need for pest control services stemmed from rising consumer demand. So, in early 2000, Eli Taieb started a pest control business from scratch, which was only a dying company initially. He invested $7,000 at first glance and took the company to new heights. To everyone’s surprise, the pest control business became a multi-million dollar venture over time.

Elicko Taieb was extremely happy with the business, as were the customers living in different parts of South Florida. He amassed a sizeable fortune from this business venture but didn’t want to exit the industry just yet. 

Elicko Taieb and Home Inspection for Realtors

Only a couple of years following the pest control business success, Eli returned with more ambition to change the industry again. But this time, he was focusing on realtors, individuals, and family homeowners who required home inspection services. He started working with regional and local realtors in South Florida,. Eventually, Elicko Taieb realized the profits that he hoped for by providing inspection services on a massive scale.

In a short time, his company was performing 200 inspections each month, which resulted in sizeable profits. The most instrumental tool in his success was his perception and timely identification of the market and potential customers. Eli’s real estate ventures were unique and among the most outstanding accomplishments of his career. 


Elicko Taieb is a public speaker, brand consultant, and business advisor in several industries. Fellow people in business and venture partners see him as a mentor and guide. He left his mark in numerous industries, including retail food, CBD, and real estate, without compromising on his business excellence at any point of the event.

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