Eli Taieb has lent his experience and business prowess to a long list of industries. It is Eli’s passion for building companies from scratch and turning them into multi-million dollar ventures. While every businessman dreams of becoming a serial entrepreneur, Eli turned his dream into a reality.

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Elicko Taieb wanted to become one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in the world. Thus, he dedicated an ample amount of time, spent years on improving his skills and developing better prowess. He was finally able to achieve the level of excellence that he admired in his ideals. Talking about his success, Eli Taieb found his way in the highly turbulent real estate market in South Florida. His notable accomplishments in real estate are no less than in the other industries.

Elicko Taieb – Real Estate Pest Control in South Florida

No doubt, the real estate market in South Florida is among the highly demanding and business-oriented ones in the US. Therefore, Eli Taieb was keen to explore it for profit. He saw high demand for pest control services among condo and apartment complexes around the prime and standard real estate of South Florida.

Hence, in 2000, Elicko Taieb found a way to fulfill this market gap before anyone else entered the market. Eli made an investment of approximately $7,000, after which he used his management skills, expertise, and competency. Eli turned his business from scratch to a million-dollar venture by offering services for as low as 99 cents per unit through his pest control business. What’s more interesting is that he did not condone the process but rather continued expanding his operations.

Elicko Taieb – Home Inspections and Assisting Realtors

Pest control services were not the only venture Elicko Taieb had in the real estate industry of South Florida. He began another business and built it from scratch. It might seem unreal how Eli kept pursuing new ventures at every turn of his career. This one offered home inspection services for realtors in South Florida. It is worth mentioning that while the business started from scratch, Eli was able to record 200 home inspections every month for nine straight operational months of the business.

Branding the services in the most fashionable manner and ensuring every market aspect yielded results, Elicko Taieb and his prowess once again amazed the serial entrepreneurial world.


Serial entrepreneurship isn’t an easy field of work or interest. It requires firm dedication and a clear vision. Operating in different industries at a single time can be overwhelming for some. However, entrepreneurs like Eli take on the challenges and pursue their goals. To date, Eli has numerous accomplishments to his name in many industries, including real estate, pest control, food, CBD, fitness, e-cigs, daily deals aggregation, and more.

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