Eli is a serial entrepreneur who boasts impeccable business and advisory experience of nearly two decades. There aren’t many experts operating in several industries that can match the same level as Elicko Taieb. With sharp observation for details, Eli expanded his business prowess across a wide range of industries.

From the food industry to introducing e-cigarettes in America, Eli proved his skills in the business world. However, his business prowess doesn’t stay limited to any specific industry. His achievements in the real estate industry of South Florida are some of the greatest milestones in his entrepreneurial career.

Pest Control in South Florida – Eli’s Successful Venture

There wasn’t much to measure initially in the pest control business in South Florida. The real estate market of South Florida was growing like any other thriving market in the world. While the industry had its challenges, Elicko Taieb stood firm with his dedication and motivation to perform better.

Real Estate


Housing estates such as condos and complexes prefer to choose effective yet affordable pest control in South Florida. Eli saw a business opportunity in this service demand. However, starting with an investment of $7,000, he soon provided affordable and effective pest control services for many households in South Florida.

Over time, he put more effort, time, energy, and money into his pest control business in South Florida. From a small-scale investment of $7,000, Eli Taieb turned the business into a multi-million dollar venture in South Florida catering to the needs of many condos and housing complexes. He operated with as many as 16 trucks under his management for the provision of pest control services.

The main feature of Eli’s services was the incredibly reasonable and affordable pricing. Through the right pricing strategies and operational capacity, Eli and his team reap sizeable profits.

Home Inspection for Realtors – Eli in South Florida

Pest control services were not the only successful venture in South Florida. Elicko Taieb was confident about his business prowess and aimed to reach greater heights than other serial entrepreneurs. Once more, Eli found a rewarding business opportunity in South Florida’s real estate market.

Eli realized that there weren’t enough or reasonable home inspection service agencies for realtors that could set the bar for the industry. In 2002, following the pest control business in 2000, Eli Taieb built a home inspection company from scratch.

Initially, Eli was able to cater to the home inspection needs of real estate owners, agents, and realtors for the new houses in the market. With dedication and passage of time, Eli made a service turnover of nearly 200 homes inspections a month.


Eli Taieb isn’t just a CEO or owner of his businesses. His entrepreneurial skills helped in dealing with different aspects of running various types of business. Notably, you should know that Eli is an expert business advisor and brand consultant. Apart from that, he possesses marketing skills that yield results. From real estate to food to the CBD industry, Eli has left his mark in many industries.

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